What is a Lycan Shepherd

What is a Lycan Shepherd – New Emerging Breed

Have you ever heard about a Lycan Shepherd?

No? What is a Lycan Shepherd?

Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal because this is one of the most recent breed types that humans have bred to create a new dog breed. You might not have seen this breed in your life or heard about it before.

The Lycan Shepherd is the perfect combination of the original German shepherd, Blue bay shepherd, and Belgian Malinois. The collective bloodline of these dog species created a dog black in color and resembled a wolf. You can also say that it is a black wolf with higher intelligence and senses.

It can be a significant challenge to train these wolf-like dogs because of their bloodline’s wild animal strain. You don’t have to worry about training or buying them if you are a dog lover.   They are not available to the public because of how rare and smart this Lycan Shepherd is.

I will share all the knowledge I have gathered after extensive research on Lycan Shepherd. Stay tuned and read the article till the end. You might get to know something new and exciting today.

Let’s get started. to know What is a Lycan Shepherd.

The Name Lycan Shepherd

This latest dog breed has been named “Lycan Shepherd” because of its resemblance with a Lycanthrope.

According to Dictionary, the Lycanthrope is a human who can transform themselves into a full wolf or a being that has traits like a wolf.

And they added the word “shepherd” because it is a combination of German shepherd and blue bay shepherd.

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Origin of Lycan Shepherd

A YouTube user started a breeding project to combine the bloodlines of European German shepherds, Blue Bay shepherds, and Belgian Malinois dogs. He wants to make a breed of dog that looks like a black wolf. As a result of this project, The Lycan Shepherd came into existence.

The purpose of this project was to create a dog with the following characteristics:

  • High Intelligence
  • Wolf Like Appearance
  • Obedience

These dogs are highly active and curious because the German shepherd’s working breeds were breeding. It needs a great deal of exercise and stimulation for training because of the genes of a highly active german shepherd.

A wild wolf produces these dogs, due to which the lycan shepherds can exhibit different temperaments. So it needs an experienced trainer to keep this Lycan Shepherd as a pet.

Latest Breed

The Lycan Shepherd is a relatively new breed. AKC and ACHC, or IDCR, do not yet recognize it because it needs to be consistent and stable for at least 40 years to be recognized among the dog breeds.


The owner tried to remove the trait of aggression from this breed, but due to bloodline, there is a chance it can be introduced after a few generations.

This dog breed is made by using different breeding criteria. There are chances for lycan shepherds to develop unannounced traits.

The traits the lycan shepherd are most likely to exhibit are:


This breed maker hoped that these dogs would be obedient to their owners as the German shepherd is to their owners. The aggressive trait has been suppressed to overcome any future mishaps.

●      Higher Intellect

The primary purpose of making this lycan shepherd is to have a larger brain compared to its body. It shows much more intelligence than any other dog breed and has excellent problem-solving skills.

●      Wolf Like Appearance

These dogs were bred to be like a dark-colored wolf with light eyes, large heads, and smaller ears to compare it with a German Shepherd.

Three Dog Breeds that are the Foundation of Lycan Shepherd

The three dog breeds that were used as the foundation for creating this beast were:

  1. Working German Shepherd
  2. Belgian Malinois
  3. Blue Bay Shepherd

Now let’s take a close look at all these three breeds to know what characteristics you can expect from them in the future and how they are compared to the Lycan Shepherd.

1. Working German Shepherd

The working German Shepherd is an all-around worker of the dog’s world. They are used as police and army dogs, guard dogs, and for herding shepherds. Some lines of these dogs can be prone to aggression.

These dogs have less severe angles, due to which they are less likely to have any joint problems. They come from a long line from Europe. These are incredibly loyal dogs because they are used by militaries and by families as a guard dog.

These working dogs have a very high temperament but have great self-control, due to which they become great companions. They are willing to do anything for their owner.

2. Belgian Malinois

These Belgian Malinois are very similar to German Shepherds as they are also extensive workers. They are smaller than german shepherds and have a less angular back.

They are prone to instincts and can be protective and reserved for their owners if they are around strangers. These dogs are very loyal and dedicated to their owners.

The Belgian Malinois is extremely athletic due to its sharp skills. And can easily climb ladders, trees, and tightropes. People love this breed due to its loyalty and athletic abilities.

3. Blue Bay Shepherd

The Blue Bay Shepherds were developed from wolf dogs and blue Old German Shepherd Dogs. These animals had a blue color from birth, but that is very rare in german shepherds.

They have been surviving for more than 20 years. However, the AKC has still not recognized them due to their policy of recognition after 40 years of sustainability.

Two German shepherds with smaller ears and a calm temper created this Blue bay shepherd. They also used five generations of a far wolf for higher intelligence and appearance.

It is considered that they will sell the puppies with a proper certificate, an identifying number, and a hand signature. These things are necessary if AKC recognizes these in the future. Any dog you purchase without a certificate is not a blue ba shepherd.

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Pros and Cons of Having a Lycan Shepherd

The pros and cons that you should keep in mind while buying this dog breed are:


  • Wolf Like
  • Highly Obedient
  • High Intelligence
  • Can be trained easily.


  • Aggression in new generations
  • Not yet available for the general public
  • Unexpected temperament
  • It needs lots of physical and mental exercise

The Ideal Lycan Owner

To train a Lycan Shepherd, you need to have a few traits. If you have these attributes, you can become a great trainer for a lycan, but you have even missed one; you are not suitable enough to train a lycan shepherd.

These characteristics include:

●      Resistant to Unpredictability

You should be ready for any unpredictable situation. There has not been enough information about how these dogs will come out as puppies. They can be precisely the same as any parent breed in traits or can have any unexpected characteristic. So if you are tolerant of unpredictability, then you can go for a lycan.

●      High Physical Fitness

You need to be a very fit person physically with high stamina to keep a lycan. These dogs are highly active and require lots of training and exercise. So if you have provided these dogs with it, then you can train a lycan shepherd efficiently.

●      A Controlled Household

You need to have a controlled household to keep a lycan. The lycan shepherd has unpredictable behavior until they are three years old and can act differently around other pets and children. You need to keep everyone in a controlled space to be saved from a dangerous situation.

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Interesting Facts about Lycan Shepherd

  • The person responsible for breeding Lycan Shepherd also made a line of bulldogs called Renascence Bulldogge.
  • The Blue Bay Shepherd is an integral part of this breed. The dogs used in breeding were five generations far from pure wolves.
  • Working German Shepherd has less severe skeletal angles that decrease the chances of joint problems.
  • Only the first or second generation of this breed has been made and driven by a single breeder. They were made unavailable to the public in 2017 due to less abundance.
  • These will have a life span of 10 to 13 years, just like their parent breeds.
  • The Lycan Shepherd is estimated to be a large dog due to a german shepherd and blue bay shepherd. They can estimate from 70 pounds to up to 100 pounds or more.
  • These breeds were bred to look like wolves. And that was attained by the breeder, suppressing the aggression of a wolf.
  • The fur of Lycan Shepherd will always be black. They can vary in size, but the color will remain the same.
  • The lycan shepherd will shed quite a lot due to the parent breed of german shepherd and is not suitable for people with allergies.
  • These lycan shepherds require a great deal of exercise and training every day or become physically unfit.
  • They can have health problems like Arthritis, Bloat, Eye problems, etc., that are also present in german shepherds. They can also have Epilepsy and skin problems due to Belgian malinois genes.
  • Due to thick fur, they are highly resistant to cold weather, just like their parent breeds.
  • There is no accurate information on whether they will bark more often or not, but as their parents’ breeds tend to bark moderately, it can be the same.
What is a Lycan Shepherd

Final Thoughts

These lycan shepherds are one of the latest dog breeds. These have not yet been available to the general public. A great deal of information about these dogs is still unknown.

There is only a single breeder for these dogs, and they have only reached the second. Suppose these dogs were kept sustainable and didn’t show any signs of aggression that can be dangerous for the public. In that case, these will be deemed legal and available for everyone in a few years.

So here is all the information I have gathered for you guys. There is a lot to know, but I will keep you updated if I got anything else about these Lycan Shepherd new breeds.

Stay Tuned to our Blog.

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