How Much Is A Lycan Shepherd Price

How Much Is A Lycan Shepherd Price?

A lycan shepherd is a type of dog bred to protect sheep from wolves, coyotes, or other predators. The size and temperament vary depending on how they are used – for example, if the dog is primarily used to guard livestock, it will be larger than one who primarily lives in the house with its family.

The prices for these dogs range widely based on how much training and how many skills they have. For example, you can get a working shepherd that knows how to herd sheep but doesn’t know how to do any tricks for $500-$750.

How Much Is A Lycan Shepherd Price
How Much Is A Lycan Shepherd Price

What are Lycan Shepherds?

The Lycan Shepherd is a dog bred specifically for its ability to protect livestock, including sheep. They are known as extremely intelligent dogs who can be fiercely protective of the animals they work with.

This canine breed has many features in common with how dogs were originally evolved and still play an important role in protecting herds today. Most shepherds are familiar with caring for a lycan shepherd, but the average pet owner might not be as well prepared.

What is the Average Price of Lycan Shepherd?

There are many ways that breeders price their dogs, and prices vary from breeder to breeder depending on how they were bred or what bloodlines they come from. Generally speaking, it is safe to assume that a well-bred and healthy dog will cost $500-$1000.

The price can rise from there depending on how the puppies were treated before they got to you, how much training they had (if any), how large their breeder’s kennel or facility is, and what other fees are associated with having a dog.

How much does it cost per year to own an adult lycan shepherd?

The average price for this breed is $1300-$1800, depending on the breeder and how well-bred they are. Some other costs associated include veterinary visits (about $45+/visit), pet insurance ($30+/month), food ($100-200/year), and toys, leashes, collars ($150+), and training ($100+).

What is the avg life expectancy of Lycan Shepherds?

The average life expectancy of a Lycan Shepherd is between 12-14 years.

Why should I buy a Lycan Shepherd?

I buy a Lycan Shepherd because it is one of the best dogs to have in your home. They are very loving and friendly with children, other pets, and strangers. Many people buy Lycans Shepherds for their watchdog abilities since they will bark at any noise near them.

These breeds tend to live about 12-14 years but can live longer if you take proper care of them by feeding them healthy food and not over-exercising them, leading to joint problems or heart disease later on down the line.

They love having company, so taking a dog walk daily is always recommended, so they get some exercise while getting out into nature each day, making sure they don’t become bored inside all day long alone.

What is the average daily diet of a lycan shepherd?

The average daily diet of a lycan shepherd is not what you might expect. While this breed of dog is known for its incredibly high protein and calorie needs, there are many other nutrients they require.

That’s why we recommend Premium Diets because these are balanced diets that provide the optimal blend of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber to support your puppy or adult lycan shepherd through each stage.

Is the money worth it for me to get one of these animals?

The average cost for one of these animals is around $30. The good news, they require very little maintenance and are easy to keep!

For me, yes, I love what I do at home with my lycan shepherds. They make great pets because they can’t go out in public due to their appearance not letting them blend into society like other dogs would be able to do.

If you want an animal that will need lots of attention or plan on taking them everywhere, this might not be a good choice for you. Still, more than likely, anyone who has ever had a Lycan shepherd before wouldn’t change anything about their experience.

What are the benefits of getting Lycan Shepherd?

1. Lycan Shepherd dogs are very protective

2. Lycan Shepherd dogs are very patient with children and other animals.

3. They have a keen sense of smell, which is important for search and rescue missions. 

4. They can be trained to help people who need assistance walking or climbing stairs. 

5. They’re also good at hunting wild game.

6. And they’re loyal companions – they’ll never leave your side.

How Much Is A Lycan Shepherd Price
How Much Is A Lycan Shepherd Price

How to take care of my Lycan Shepherd?

The Lycan Shepherd is a unique breed of dog that needs special care and attention. This high-energy pup will need plenty of running room, so be sure to take them on long walks or fun runs in the park.

They also require daily playtime with their owner and other dogs that they may meet during these activities. They don’t prefer being kept alone for lengthy periods with no human connection or activities to keep them occupied and exhausted at night (which is when you should feed your Lycan Shepherd).

Be prepared to get up early every morning if you want your pup sleeping through the night because this breed has an extremely active lifestyle and does best with around 12 hours of exercise per day.


The lycan Shepherd is a new breed of sheep that has been bred to protect livestock from predators. It’s time for you to get one! So, how much does this fluffy and lovable animal cost?

There are many factors, such as the size, lineage, and location where the animal was raised. But on average, they can be anywhere between $150-375 per lamb or yearling ewe (young female). This may sound like an expensive purchase but think about it this way.

 If your pet dog protects your property, wouldn’t you pay hundreds of dollars to keep them happy and healthy? Get yourself a Lycan Shepherd today!

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