lycan shepherd vs shiloh shepherd

Lycan Shepherd Vs Shiloh Shepherd

Lycan shepherds are a new breed of guard dog that has been developed to protect livestock from coyotes. The Lycan Shepherd is known for its intelligence, speed, and agility.

It is also one of the few breeds that do not require extensive grooming or training. Unlike Shiloh shepherds, Lycan shepherds were developed in the United States and have only existed for about five years.

They’re still relatively rare, but these dogs are gaining popularity because they can be trained by anyone with basic knowledge of dog training. So, what’s the difference between Lycan shepherds and Shiloh shepherds? Read on to find out!

Comparison Between Lycan Shepherds V/S Shiloh Shepherds

  • The German Lycan Shepherd is a dog breed that originated in Germany. The Lycan shepherd can range from small to medium, and they should never be violent or shy.
  • In comparison, the Shiloh Shephard is also a German breed of dog, but they are larger than Lycans and tend to lean towards having traits such as aggression and dominance, making them more difficult for new owners at times. Shilohs were developed from working lines, while Lycans, like many other European breeds, come from show bloodlines instead.
  • Lycans are more inclined to be protective and vigilant, while shepherds are independent, making them suitable for other tasks like search & rescue or therapy dogs.
  • Shiloh Shepherds are more likely to be the ones in charge, while Lycans are more laid back.
  • Lycan shepherds tend to have friendly and confident temperaments. The Shiloh Shepherd has a strong protective instinct which makes them better guard dogs than Lycans.
  • Shilohs are very agile and can jump high fences easily. On the other hand, Lycans cannot do that because of their size, but they’re great escape artists who will find any way out if needed, so it’s best not to leave your Lycan unattended around open gates or doors. Shepherds bark less frequently than Lycans, making them suitable for apartments.
  • Lycan coats come in all colors, including black, grey, brown, and white. On the other hand, Shilohs come in black, tan, and sable only.
  • Lycans tend to be bigger than Shiloh. A male Lycan can weigh up to 100lbs, while a female Lycan is around 70lbs on average. The biggest recorded Shiloh weighed about 60 pounds, making them ideal for families with children or smaller living spaces such as apartments.
  • Lycans are generally more affectionate towards their human family members but still enjoy the company of other dogs, just not too much if they’re new acquaintances because they need time to get used to each other’s presence before accepting one another into their pack. On the contrary, shepherds don’t mind playing and socializing with strange dogs, so it’s safe to take them along when you’re out and about, though Lycans still make better watchdogs than shepherds.
  • Shepherds are very easy to train, while Lycans can be a little more challenging sometimes. They tend to get distracted easily, which makes their training sessions longer but not impossible – they need someone who knows how to keep their attention focused on the task at hand.
  • Lycans are known to be more aloof than shepherds, but not because they’re unfriendly, just shy around strangers. Shilohs, on the other hand, tend to get excited when meeting new people and dogs alike, so you should give them some time to get used to each other before allowing your Shiloh into a stranger’s home or meeting up with unknown dogs out in public areas.
  • Lycans shed heavily during their shedding seasons which is about twice a year, while shepherds do little shedding, making them great for allergy sufferers.
  • The Lycan shepherds are much more alert and easier to train than Shiloh. They have very strong prey drives, so you should not allow them around small pets like cats, rabbits, or hamsters because they will attack easily since Lycans have an instinct to hunt animals for food. In contrast, Shiloh Shepherds can coexist with other dogs. Still, there needs to be proper socialization training from the early days so your dog learns how to behave properly if it meets another dog during its daily walks outside the house.
  • Shilohs also need less exercise than Lycans. If their owners live an active lifestyle, then this breed is perfect for them; however, just 20 minutes of walking every day will be enough to keep them fit and healthy. Their double coat requires regular grooming with a brush at least once every couple of days, but Lycans need more time on their coats because they have thick, long fur that can easily get tangled or matted if you do not groom it regularly.
  • Lycan shepherds are a good choice if you want an energetic, easy-to-train dog; however, Shiloh also makes a terrific family member, so both breeds are worth considering if you want one of these dogs in your life. The Lycans live an average of 12 to 14 years, while Shiloh lives about 11-13 years.
lycan shepherd vs shiloh shepherd


Many things should be examined while deciding which of these two canines is the best fit for you. The Lycan shepherd and the Shiloh shepherd have different personalities and energy levels, so it’s important to keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing a dog breed.

If you live an active life with plenty of room for exercise or enjoy hiking, then the Lycan shepherd may be best suited for you.

On the other hand, if you work full-time or spend most days indoors while caring for children or elderly family members, then perhaps the low-maintenance personality traits of the Shiloh shepherd would suit your needs better!

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