lycan shepherd characteristics

Lycan Shepherds Characteristics

What are the Lycan Shepherds Characteristics? What is their lifestyle like? I’ll answer these queries and more in this blog post.

A Lycan Shepherd has many traits that make them unique. They are usually very isolated from society, shy, have an introverted personality, and tend to be private about who they are.

They also enjoy being alone with nature for long periods just to clear their head away from all the noise of daily life.

Read on for more information on what makes the Lycan Shepherd so special!

lycan shepherd characteristics

Characteristics of Lycan Shepherd:

The Lycan shepherds are known to be very active, intelligent, and alert dogs. They also get along well with children because they tend to be loving towards them. The Lycans shepherds were originally bred for herding purposes, but their intelligence made them great as family pets.

Lycan shepherd characteristics:


Lycan shepherds are intelligent working dogs; Lycan shepherds are known for their ability to handle livestock. They have an instinct for herding and rounding up animals that will follow them wherever they go.

The Lycan shepherd is an ideal family companion. These positive qualities are what make this breed so popular around the world today. With an average life expectancy of 12-15 years, Lycans can live long, healthy lives if properly cared for by owners who know how to maintain good physical and mental health throughout their lives.

Intelligent & Alert

The Lycan Shepherd is an intelligent and alert breed. They are willing to follow commands as long as they make sense, making them quick learners for those who want to train their Lycan shepherds.


They also have a lot of energy and can get into trouble if not properly taken care of. This dog tends to roam around and check out new places on its own accord until it finds something interesting or gets distracted by another animal that might be in the way.

This means that owners need to keep their Lycan shepherds leashed at all times unless you’re playing fetch together off-leash, where the owner would be able to call back his pup once he’s done with running around after a ball.

Dependable & Loyal

Lycan shepherds are very dependable and loyal dogs that have been known to bond well with their owners as they would be protective of the family.

They wouldn’t hesitate to protect you from any threat, real or perceived, which makes them a great addition for those who want an extra set of eyes watching over their house while they’re away at work during the day.

Affectionate & Gentle With Family Members

They are also affectionate towards their loved ones in the family, making them great pets for families. They are incredibly gentle with children and other dogs that they live with within their homes.

Good Watchdogs

Because of their territorial nature, they also make ideal watchdogs when it comes to intruders or guests that enter your land without permission. Their growling sounds intimidating, so most people back off immediately upon hearing one vocalize its warning barking sound at them!


This dog is very intelligent and easy to train. Lycan shepherds need a job, so they are good for working purposes. They work well with other dogs because of their pack mentality.

Lycans love children but can be wary around strangers until introduced properly. These shepherds have high prey drives, which means cats should not be kept as pets in the same household or even outside since Lycans will take off after small animals like rabbits and mice if given a chance. With an average lifespan of 12-15 years, this breed makes excellent family members.

Lifestyle Lycan shepherds need time to exercise daily due to their intelligence and energy levels. The Lycan is a dog that demands constant care from its owner and is not suitable for individuals who work long hours outside the home.


Lycan shepherd temperament is described as calm and gentle. They prefer to spent time with their family and avoid fighting unless it is necessary to defend their owner or the pack.

This breed has a high hunt drive; they should not be left alone in an off-leash place like a dog park with small animals like rabbits, rats, or cats/dogs. These dogs enjoy making new friends when out for walks but can protect their owners; socializing them with strangers that do not seem friendly may help curb this behavior issue when on public outings.

Most Lycans are highly intelligent, which means training early and often to establish leadership roles within your household is important to prevent these traits from becoming problem behaviors later down the line during adolescence and adulthood.

Coat Color

The coat color of Lycan shepherds can vary from white to tan, with a variety of markings. Their coats are an essential part of their appearance and should be healthy in all cases. A Lycan shepherd’s coat requires grooming if it is going to remain healthy and free from matting.

lycan shepherd characteristics


Lycan Shepherd is a hybrid dog that has been created by crossing the Siberian Husky with the Alaskan Malamute.

The purpose of this breed was to develop an animal that combined all of the greatest characteristics of both parents into a new kind that was well suited to today’s world. This mix creates both high intelligence and an excellent working drive in these animals, making them perfect for family life and work on farms or ranches.

As you can see, they are very wolf-like, so if you have any experience living near wolves, then they would be your ideal companion.

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